Hi! I’m Alex Bascuas!


It goes without saying that we have unique attributes in our own personality. As professionals we do have them as well. In this website you will find mine showcased. This is not only about me, this is about my life. Do you want to have a look?

Wait… what do you mean with “DIGITAL Content creator”?

Calling myself a spanish content creator sounds too simple. Calling myself journalist, designer, photographer or digital marketer sounds too arrogant.  So let’s be fair and you’d rather see what I’m capable and then judge. Yes, the boundaries of being versatile and a lost case might seem tight but I’m skinny enough.



I have worked as journalist in one of the most important press agencies of Spain (Europa Press) and also in the main broadcasting channel of my region: Aragon TV

Digital Marketing

SEO, Analytics, SEM, Business strategy, Social Media… A modern content creator cannot be called as such without a solid knowledge in Digital Marketing. That was my main job in the foodtech startup comany, mentta.


Thanks to my stock photography experience (and many hours in Instagram) I know what a commercial picture needs to succeed. Check it out in my photography portfolio! 



Under low cost and basic gear premises I carried out several corporative videos. So far, my main concern has always been prioritizing the message and the narrative over the visual effects.

Web Design

Landing pages, WP blogs, Mailchimp or this web portfolio. Since I learnt HTML and CSS, both have become a consistent tool for my daily tasks and WordPress always in my browser’s bookmarks.


Graphic Design

I would lie if I call myself a professional graphic designer but I would lie as well if I say that I have never been in charge of the graphic design area. You better see my designs!

A COmmunication specialist

News, articles, interviews, press releases, blog posts, reportage…  If someone asks me what I stand out for I would probably say writing skills.


Cups Of Coffee

Press Releases

Girl in a Australian natural pool (Kakadu)

what triggers my photography?

A group of friends and I drove 1 hour of a bumpy and unsealed road with a 4×4. Almost 40ºC and a terrible humidity in Kakadu NP, Australia. We walked up a demanding and steep hill to the top. Once there, we were just us in front of a majestic natural pool that fortunately is a “free crocodile area”. We swam, enjoyed the views and I could take this shot.

I don’t mind to suffer, I don’t mind to explore or take risks because I know that is part of what I like doing.  Although I don’t have the chance to make it to remote locations everyday, photography sparks my wish of exploring and pushing myself to move.


One of my designs was used for the company I worked for promotion in a billboard in one of the busiests areas of Madrid.  Alongside with the Marketing Manager or just by myself, I designed brochures, commercial panflets, business cards and many other designs for mentta app or social media campaigns.

My social media

Instagram is my main social media. In @alexbascuasphoto you can enjoy my main commercial photography shots whereas in @theblackdingo_ my storytelling and travel passion are showcased together in a more personal perspective.


I enjoyed preparing our newsletter by picking carefully the highlights of our fresh weekly content to be delivered to our suscribers! Always on time! Mailchimp was a trustworthy ally for that!

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