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Calling myself a digital content creator might sound too generic. Calling myself freelance journalist, designer, photographer or digital marketer sounds too arrogant. 

So let’s be fair and you’d rather see what I’m capable of and then judge. Yes, the boundaries of being versatile and a lost case might seem tight but I’m skinny enough

my SErvices as a freelance DIGITAL Content creator



I have worked as journalist in one of the most important press agencies of Spain (Europa Press) and also in the main broadcasting channel of my region: Aragon TV

Digital Marketing

SEO, Analytics, SEM, Business strategy, Social Media… A modern content creator cannot be called as such without a solid knowledge in Digital Marketing


Corporative shootings, product and still life images, social media pictures, etc… Check out in my photography portfolio and take your brand to the next level! 


As a freelance, I made some filmmaking corporate videos prioritizing the storytelling but not dismissing at any moment the visual effects

Web Design

WordPress websites, landing pages, newsletters, etc… I always work with the most powerful and premium templates to give that additional touch needed 

Graphic Design

Alongside my career, I’ve created templates for social media, business cards, brochures or logos. You better see my designs!

Close up picture of a surgeon
A surgeon team working


professional barista coffee machine
close up picture of vodka strawberry drink
Close up picture of aperitif platter
professional barista coffee machine

Get a pro website!

Do you want to have your own professional website for an affordable price? It’s time to make a move!

Let’s talk and design the website you really need!

I create powerful but minimalist WordPress websites thanks to my master degree on web design and my work experience with clients.


As a freelance, these are some companies I’ve been working with. Some of them are located in Spain and some others in Australia, where I lived for three years

On top of that I’ve been hired in companies such as: 


You can’t promote your business without a good video! I’m aware of it, that’s the reason why I’ve been hired to record several corporate videos. 
As journalist I analyse the storytelling that is behind your brand and write a good script before start recording!

Ah! And of course don’t forget about your social media presence. The more engaging your videos are, the more attracted will get your audience! 


One of my designs was used for the company I worked for promotion in a billboard in one of the busiests areas of Madrid.  I designed brochures, commercial panflets, business cards and many other designs for mentta app or social media campaigns.

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