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My ID says that I’m Alejandro Bascuas. But between you and I, you can call me Alex, everyone does it.


People from my hometown in Spain, Zaragoza, are well-known for being stubborn. My guess is that since it’s the windiest city of the whole country we need to be consistent and persistent to make it from one point to another. Otherwise we would be driven away by the strong wind gusts.

When I was 18, I had more questions than answers, that’s why I studied a History degree first and Journalism post degree later on. If today I hadn’t had this humanistic knowledge, who knows… maybe I would have been trapped in a Youtube rabbit hole of Flat Earth lovers. And on top of that I couldn’t have developed my skills and passion to tell stories.

In my university days I couldn’t resist my hometown wind and I was carried away to Greece and Mexico. Later on I learnt how to tame gusts and I was taken to Barcelona and Madrid. But one day, oh boy!, one day a crazy hurricane wind took me to Perth, on the other side of the world. I got lost all over Australia exploring, learning and living until I could catch a massive blow that take me back home. That happened in 2020.

Thanks to all these experiences I have become an international team player, easily adaptable to fast paced environments and always keen to learn from new cultures.

One way or another I have always been proffesionally related to content creation. Either working as journalist, as a digital marketing specialist, blogger, web designer or a photographer. Good content requires good storytellers but more important than that, beware of the wind if you ever visit Zaragoza.


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I was born in 1988. That year Spain set up a station in Antarctica. That’s probably why my inner compass instinctly guides me to southern destinations.

My Skills

The best way I can tell you my skills is going through the different sections of my portfolio. But in short, I’m a multiplatform content creator able to write, take pictures and video, create designs and make them valuable or profitable thanks to my digital marketing knowledge.

  • Writing (Blogging, News, Press releases..)
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, Content Strategy…)
  • Photography (Lightroom & Photoshop)
  • Social Media (Instagram, Facebook…)
  • Videography
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Excel

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