What I’m capable of?

If I have to highlight one of my skills, I would opt for communication. In fact, my writing skills are probably my main strenght.  My humanistic background helps me to analize and understand what the context requires and what the audience needs.

My experience as journalist has polished my way of writing to make it versatile and proffesional. Last but not least, marketing taught me how to write for a good SEO strategy besides building a solid brand reputation.


News and articles

Read some of the piece of news I wrote when working at Europa Press and also some other external articles for proffesional purposes.

Press releases

It’s crucial for companies to be published in the media. To achieve that,  it’s important to know how to write a press release. And I do know.

Blog posts

I have written more than 100 SEO friendly blog posts following Inbound Marketing . Many niche related keywords succesfully positionated.

Personal projects

In this section I share some of my personal projects, such as the ones about my trips or the one I’m still working for about the spanish painter María Pilar Burges.

Alex Bascuas

Freelance digital content creator

Communication, photography, digital marketing and design.

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