Graphic Design

Onboarding app screens


Despite not being a graphic designer, as a content creator I’m capable to create proffesional designs. In fact I’ve designed a wide range of creative artwork for the company I was working for. Since it is a foodtech mainly oriented to mobile and web customers, I had to adapt the content for diferent devices where our products were available.

For example, I did the onboarding app screens to explain in 3 steps what’s our app about. Likewise, I designed some other screens , always thinking in the UX.


Creative Elements for Social Media Campaigns, Web, etc…


It’s crucial to develop creative elements (banners, ads, etc…) potentially engaging. Working side by side with the CMO and CEO we defined the concept and I later adapted it to a creative element either for Social Media Campaigns, website design or SEM campaigns.


Billboards and panflets


One of my designs was used for the company I worked for promotion in a billboard in one of the busiests areas of Madrid.  Alongside with the Marketing Manager or just by myself, I designed brochures, commercial panflets, business cards and many other designs for mentta app or social media campaigns.



Alex Bascuas

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