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Black & White photography

Although most of my photo work is done in color, I like to shoot monocolor and B&W when I want to pinpoint certain aspects I see through my lens and get my creativity run freely. Alan Schaller, Ansel Adams, García Alix or Sebastiao Salgao are some of the black and white artists I most admired to.

Black and white basketball player jump

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Explore a curated and selected collection of my best stock photography pictures that I’ve done recently!


These samples are focused on commercial stock photography. Lately I’m focusing more and more on working side by side with models from different backgrounds to wider my portfolio variety.


Closely related to my travels, landscape photography is one of the disciplines I enjoy the most. My outdoors way of living has allowed me to gain access to some remote locations


It goes without saying that travelling is my passion. And most of my pictures are closely related to this feeling. Don’t miss some of my best shots!


Patience and attention to detail are some of my main thoughts when I shoot wildlife. Hitting the jackpot takes time!

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