Becoming a video content creator

Over the years I carried out a few filmmaking projects for businesses. On top of that I was also told to edit third party videos with Adobe Premiere Pro for comercial purposes. Despite not having the fanciest equipment I’ve always prioritized what is most important: the storytelling. Down below you have a proof of it, don’t miss it!

Although it will be unfair to consider myself a video content creator yet, I do make an extra effort lately to keep up to date in order to dive into the latest trends,  the most engaging Instagram content (stories, reels…) or the best tools for video edition. Despite I’m soon investing on new filmmaking equipment, I’m able to create proffesional and low cost video by using my Iphone and gimbal. Check it out!

Low cost video production? Yes!

This low cost video was mainly recorded by using an Iphone and a gimbal. What I care the most when I’m filmming is storytelling. Telling a story and understand the message that the customer wants to transmit is the cornerstone of my videos.

I happened to meet Dan and Nan in their tasmanian farm and since the first moment I was so overwhelmed by the way they treat and care about their animals. That “passion” as well as the natural feeding process were on my mind when I planned to film this business video. I spent time with them to understand completely their philosophy and we agreed that the best format was to interview them.


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