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Stock Photography

Stock photography vertebrates my current shooting sessions. Thanks to iniatives such as Academia de Stock and other online resources I’ve refined my shooting technique to make it more suitable for commercial purposes, especially in the macro photography market. Shooters such as Victor Torres, Thais Varela, Liliya Rodnikova or Kike Arnaiz feed my inspiration.


About me as a photographer

Aside from being a spanish stock photographer, I’m as well a restless person with an endless lists of new places to go in my roadmap. I couldn’t imagine myself without a camera or a pen in my backpack. The older I get the more I enjoy exploring and discovering what is off the beaten track. My photos are the main witness and a faithful reflection of this process of exploration. When I shoot more commercial style pictures, I also like to take my own path to give a personal touch to my creative work.


Although many years ago I attended a course to learn the basics of photography, I’ve continously learnt thanks to a self taught procedure that is constantly fed by my passion for getting out and taking pictures. I’m not afraid of exploring new disciplines or trying new techniques to enhance and enrich my photography artwork. Natural light is my main source of illumination since I enjoy shooting outdoors and tend to travel as light as possible. However I don’t dismiss flash light or RGB Leds possibilities. Regarding post-processing, I’ve used for a long time Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Wanna see more?

Have a look to the other photography sections! Are you curious about some impressive landscapes I visit in Australia or New Zealand? Don’t miss it!



Patience and attention to detail are some of my main thoughts when I shoot wildlife. Hitting the jackpot takes time!


These samples are focused on commercial stock photography. Lately I’m focusing more and more on working side by side with models from different backgrounds to wider my portfolio variety.


Closely related to my travels, landscape photography is one of the disciplines I enjoy the most. My outdoors way of living has allowed me to gain access to some remote locations


It goes without saying that travelling is my passion. And most of my pictures are closely related to this feeling. Don’t miss some of my best shots!

Black and white

A collection of some of my most creative shots either in black and white or monocolor. I usually shoot this way when I want to highlight some aspects of what I’m photographying to.

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